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Navarro's Latin Creole Kitchen

Welcome, bienvenidos!
Come on in to the world of Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen. It’s a world filled with spices, color, sounds, aromas, and history. What is Latin Creole? Creole cooking is defined as a style of cuisine characterized by the mixture of European and African influences. We’ve taken it a step further and added the flavors of Latin America.

The path to Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen is over 40 years old. My culinary journey started off in the barrios of East Los Angeles, winding its way through Moreno’s Mexican Restaurant and Mama’s Homefried Truckstop in Eugene Oregon, veering off the path through the Bitter Root Valley of Montana, finding my way back to the Kiva, Hilda’s Restaurant, Fiesta Latina, Cafe Navarro and finally landing at Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen.

Since my days at Cafe Navarro I have had the pleasure and honor of working with folks from the Slow Food movement, Huerto de la Familia, the Deck Family Farm, Polyrock, Organically Grown, Hummingbird and many many more. I got to be the “chivero”, pit-digger, for a Oaxacan style pit-oven barbecue organized by the Eugene Slow Food group and held on the Deck Family Farm in collaboration with Chef Brendan Mehanney. We cooked up 2 goats and 2 lambs in an earth-covered pit. I worked with Paul Atkinson of Laughing Stock Farms at another Slow Food event where Paul, my daughter and I “processed” the pig, and yes we thanked our brother pig for his service, and then we rotisserie/slow-cooked all 200 pounds of him for a good 8 hours. We are talking some serious fun.

Speaking of serious fun, the work that I’ve been involved with with Huerto de la Familia is some of the most rewarding of my life. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some truly great chef’s from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and beyond.  I have also been catering special events and staging fundraising dinners for the Rotary Clubs here in Eugene (shout out to Doug Koke, Bob and Judi Strubing for all of their support) all of which has expanded my cultural culinary resume. It is amazing how everything comes full circle…

Here I am staring at a 1970 1500 Metro Step van which has been transformed from what used to be a piece of serious farm equipment into an equally serious Class IV mobile food truck. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited my friends and family are. Check out our preliminary menu and take a look at the truck as well, see you all soon!