It's a New Year 2017

Its Summer and the future is now. It is prime time. We’re starting to book into September wow! So here’s what we know for now. We’ll be with our friends at Oakshire on Sundays from noon to 7:00pm and Mondays from 4:30 to 9:00pm or so. Sundays is a good time to catch us for some Brunch items and then Elliot Martinez is hosting his Trivia Night on Monday …. come out and enjoy. The only other fixed day we have going is on, so far, is Thursdays over at Ninkasi’s, great beverages and fun environment in the  Whitaker from 4:30 to 9:00pm. We are a Mobile Food Truck!  Which means our schedule will be changing every week. We’ve got Weddings scheduled, along with Special Events like the Eugene Mission Food Truck Festival and Lane United Soccer games. We’ll be at wineries like Sweet Cheeks, Lavalle, Valhalla Winery, and more, to keep us busy, and you almost as busy trying  to follow us. The easiest way to stay connected on a weekly basis is by going to the Street Food app, You can download it onto your favorite device and find out where Navarro’s Latin Creole Kitchen is that day or week.  We also connect that schedule to Navarro’s Facebook page, so keep your eyes and apps open. Remember to indicate that you’re a fan!

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